A lightweight, extendable, JavaScript HTML table library written in TypeScript and transpilled to Vanilla JavaScript. Similar to jQuery DataTables for use in modern browsers, but without the jQuery dependency.

Tables Methods
use class table inside table element
SelectCustomerVersionPlanned upgradeDB-InfoWebsite info
Test one
CCode: 33123
7.1.526.11.2018Server: s1
DB: db1
Websitename: Red
Node: 10
Test two
CCode: 12353 s1
DB: db2
Websitename: Green
Node: 6
Test three
CCode: 33522
7.1.601.01.2020Server: s2
DB: db1
Websitename: Orange
Node: 5
Test four
CCode: 25512
7.1.726.03.2021Server: s1
DB: db3
Websitename: Blue
Node: 10
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NOTE: The csv column delimiters and line delimiters are set to "," and "\n" respectively.
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